A group of Expert Animal Caregivers and Animal Lovers, a Ohio Not-for-Profit Organization since 2005
We are not just improving the dog world... WE ARE CHANGING IT!

OPDBA Members Strive For Clean Inspection Reports


Ohio Professional Dog Breeders Association (OPDBA) members have always taken great pride in going above and beyond any minimum requirements. The amount of time and efforts daily spent providing the necessary care and attention to their animals speaks to their love and devotion for their chosen profession. OPDBA members also understand the public's desire for transparency...

2018 Global Pet Expo


The Global Pet Expo will be held Wednesday, March 21, 2018 to Friday, March 23, 2018 at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL.

Brucellosis... Canine Health Alert!


Brucellosis can be devastating to a kennel inhibiting breeding females from producing litters. The disease has little to no obvious side effects, so initiating biosecurity protocols are a breeders best line of defense. What is canine brucellosis? Canine brucellosis is an infectious disease caused by the Brucella canis bacteria (B. canis).

A group of Expert Animal Caregivers and Animal Lovers,
a Ohio Not-for-Profit Organization

Our core group is comprised of Professional and Hobbyist Dog Breeders. Our members raise family pets, show dogs, hunting dogs, sporting dogs, therapy dogs, small dogs, large dogs, sled dogs, etc. Our membership is also open to those who raise any other types of companion animals such as cats, birds, rabbits, etc.

Our goals:

  • To offer continuing education by hosting professional seminars each year where information about the latest canine health care practices, nutritional studies and industry news is shared. Speakers at these seminars are Veterinarians, University Professors, National Experts in Canine Reproduction and Rearing, Nutritional Experts, etc. These seminars are offered FREE to both members and non-members alike.
  • To promote Responsible Pet Ownership and Responsible Breeding Practices.
  • To highlight the positive impact that our group and industry provide to the State of Minnesota's economy. Our professional and hobby businesses contribute by providing employment opportunities and by supporting other Minnesota businesses such as dog food manufacturers, veterinarians, and retail supply stores. Shows and trials held by various organizations attract exhibitors who patronize local hotels, restaurants, and shopping.
  • To promote the freedom of Minnesotans to choose what breed or specific type of pet to purchase and where to purchase their family pet. Minnesotans deserve the option to choose a first-hand quality pet from a Professional or Hobby Breeder. Many shelter dogs are successful in new homes, but many consumers want a pet of known parentage and health status. Some shelter dogs are not suitable for families with children or the first time dog owner. MN Pet Breeders Association members offer many choices of breed types so that a MN family can find the BEST match for their particular family situation.. Buying from a breeder offers consumers access to valuable health and heritage information not found with shelter offerings.
  • To be a resource for lawmakers as their "Go To Group" for valuable expert answers and advice for "all things dog/pet related". The large national "anti-meat, anti-breeding, anti-animal ownership" groups like HSUS, PETA, ALF, etc. and their local followers such as the Animal Humane Society, Animal Folks and Animal Ark, etc. often provide lawmakers with non-science based or non-fact based information in order to promote their Vegan and Anti-animal agendas. Gathering additional information from members of the MN Pet Breeders Association can help ensure that your decision making on pet legislation is based on information from ALL pertinent sources, not just from certain special interest groups.
OPDBA Board of Directors for 2018

Chairman: Paul Yoder - (330) 473-8809

Vice Chairman: Abe Miller - (740) 545-7059

Treasurer: Daniel Schlabach (740) 622-4059

Secretary: Michael Miller (330) 473-9523

Reuben Schlabach (330) 647-7517

Dennis Yoder (330) 897-5700

Dwayne J. Yoder (330) 600-9655

Legislative Directors: Ervin Raber & Abe Miller

If you are eager to join our club, or have any
questions about our club, meeting times,
a planned event, or a dog breed please contact us: 

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